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  1. scott hawkins

    Hello ,I have LC9RHRH holster with the single pivot point for my Ruger.The issue I am having is the screw that holds the belt clip to the holster keeps un screwing,do you reccommend some locktite on the screw and washer underneath or what would you suggest?Thank you

  2. Jeff

    I mistakenly ordered the wrong holster, and Rich handled the situation in a gracious and professional manner. I am now the happy owner of a single point swivel holster that is right for me. I am certain this unit will prove to be exceptional. I really like the comfort it offers. Another thing I really like is, that it is quiet, in other words, I can draw and re-holster without the “Kydex Clack” that you can hear with other brands on the market. I also appreciate the Made in USA product as well. Thanks for a great product. Keep up the good work… I’ll be checking out Cover 6 Gear for my other handguns also.

    A Current and Future Customer.

  3. Darron

    5/5 stars on the Hybrid holster! I’m a big guy, but a steel 1911 still gets heavy! The Cover 6 Hybrid does an excellent job of distributing the weight and making it very comfortable to carry IWB. I completely forget about it while sitting in my truck or office chair. Additionally, 6/5 stars on Cover 6 customer service!! I had a lot of questions for Rich about his process and he was extremely responsive and informative (while protecting his trade secrets of course)! All around great experience. Order online if you must, but if you have an opportunity to meet him in person at a show, go for it!

  4. Stan Leddon

    I discovered your company in my latest USCCA magazine thanks hope your web site is completed soon. By the way I am buying a Taraus 9 in a week and can you tell me what holster would best fit that gun? I like the online site you currently have and it is great that it’s made in the USA. Thanks for your time and God bless. Stan

    1. richmelton Post author

      Hello Stan, thanks for the question. Feel free to call the office toll free at (877) 373-6660 and we can make sure you get the right holster. Thanks again!!!

  5. James Mann

    I purchased on of your single point IWB holsters about two months ago. I was skeptical of your advertisement in the USCCA Concealed Carry magazine as I have six current IWB holsters representing over $200 in a box in my den closet that don’t live up to their ads. I am writing to inform you that, at last, I have a product that does what it says it can and will do. The single point swivel leather holster has conformed to fit both my Ruger LC9s and my body in my hip carry position and it also works when I move it forward to appendix carry position. It is so comfortable I hardly notice I’m wearing it and it’s also easy to access my sidearm, though not so much to re-holster. But I can live with that as I only do that at home practicing my draw and weapon presentation Thank you for solving a problem I’ve been hoping to solve for nearly two years and at a great price as well.

    1. Rich Melton Post author

      Thanks for the feedback James! Glad you now have a solution. We look forward to serving again when given the opportunity. Thanks Rich


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