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Looking for a great way to increase your ability to serve your customers? COVER 6 GEAR is now accepting dealers for all of our products. We currently manufacture holsters for over 100 different weapons in 2 different styles of holsters: our original Single Point Swivel system and our Hybrid. The Single point swivel system is hand made by an Amish family here in Kansas to our specifications. The Hybrid is also made in Kansas by staff in our office. What makes our Hybrid so unique is the Kydex shells are interchangeable and adjust up and down. We also sell the Kydex shells and leather chassis separately if you prefer. This allows you to have less money tied up in inventory that may not move as quickly. After all, a Kydex shell that sits is far less costly than an entire holster. The best part is most orders ship out in 1 week!!! Contact our sales team today and see what we can do for you!

Click the link below to download our current inventory offering.

COVER 6 GEAR Product Sheet


Here is a display of how we sell our Hybrid system. Notice the leather chassis and the Kydex shells are separated. This allows you to maximize your inventory with limited space.

Lots of holsters in a small space!

Lots of holsters in a small space!


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