Answers to popular questions.

We have had a lot of questions recently that hopefully can be cleared up here. Lets start with the easy ones;

Q: Do all of the single point swivel holsters come with the +P?

A: Yes! Since the middle of summer all single point swivel holsters have the +P standard.

Q. What if I do not want a +P?

A. We recommend you take a razor knife or sheet metal sheers and cut it off. Just be warned this will void the warranty and it can not be put back on.

Q. Why is their 2 different prices for the hybrids?

A. The first price is for the leather chassis and a single piece of Kydex shell molded for your weapon. The second price is for just the Kydex shell. Since our Hybrids shells are standardized you can order just a shell and interchange it.

Q. What is your warranty?

A. We offer a lifetime warranty against manufactures defects. If the stitching wears out or the Kydex shell breaks we will replace it for free. Normal wear and tear as with any product is not covered. We want you to be happy and our reputation is worth more than a single holster!

3 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Todd Mestepey

    I have a Hybrid holster for my Ruger LC9. I recently sold my LC9 and purchased a Ruger SR9C. I also have a Hybrid fro my Glock 19. Can you tell me if the Kydex fo rthe 19 and the SR9C are interchangeable? In addition, what can I do with the Kydex for the LC9 I sold?

  2. Robert Abbott

    What is a plus p? Can I use the clip and interchange between a Glock or a lc9? Thanks

    1. richmelton

      What we call the +P is the pad that goes around the back of the slide to protect you from the weapon. The belt clips will interchange with not only any of the ones we offer but several other manufactures as well.


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