Five adjustable points on the left and right to adjust the cant of the holster. Two sets of mounting holes to allow the Kydex shells to move up and down and be completely interchangeable with other shells. Even the leather chassis’s (Subcompact and Full Size) are standardized to allow seamless integration between various Kydex shells.
The best part about our system is we sell the Kydex shells separately. Once you get your chassis any Kydex shell we make will fit on it. Now if you change weapons all you have to do is buy a $25 shell and the leather is already broke in!

Hybrid Holster information video

2 thoughts on “Hybrids

  1. Richard Hoak

    I LOVE the new FN Hybrid series holsters. I own a Taurus 617 seven shot revolver. I’m interested in a FN Series Hybrid holster. Is one available for my pistol?

    Richard Hoak


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