Beretta Hybrids

Beretta Nano


Price: $70.00
Beretta Nano Kydex Shell $25





Beretta Nano + LaserMax Laser


Price: $70.00
Beretta Nano + LaserMax Laser Kydex Shell $25





Beretta (Stoeger) Cougar

Whether it was made by Beretta or Stoeger our holster is going to fit it.



Price: $70.00
Beretta (Stoeger) Cougar Kydex Shell $25





Beretta PX4 Storm Sub Compact 9/40

Beretta PX4 Sub Compact Hybrid


Price: $70.00
Beretta PX4 Subcompact Kydex Shell $25





Beretta PX4 Storm Full Size 9/40


Price: $70.00
Beretta PX4 Full Size Kydex Shell $25




Beretta 92F

Made for the 92F, but will work for Taurus 92’s or any other variations of this now classic firearm.


Beretta 92 Hybrid Beretta 92 Hybrid (1)







Price: $70.00
Beretta 92F Kydex Shell $25




Beretta Vertec


Price: $70.00
Beretta Vertec Kydex Shell $25

2 thoughts on “Beretta Hybrids

  1. Britt Goering

    I have a Berreta PX4 subcompact and also am left handed. I was told to buy a right hand holster if I am planning on placing it behind my back. It makes sense for drawing and all but what if I plan on placing it on my side or in front? Will I need to buy a left handed one also? I am really excited to get your hybrid.

    1. richmelton Post author

      If you are left handed you will want to get a left handed holster. If we look at your body like a clock, the front would be 12 o’clock the back 6 o’clock. The hybrid typically works best from 7 o’clock to just a little bit past the 9 o’clock position for left handed folks. For you behind your back will be around 7 o’clock, we do not recommend wearing anything at the 6 o’clock position, this protects your tailbone in case you fall down. Thanks for the question, we look forward to shipping your holster.


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