Heckler & Koch Hybrids

H&K P2000


Price: $70.00
P2000 Kydex Shell $25




H&K USP 9 / 40


Price: $70.00
USP 9 / 40 Kydex Shell $25




H&K USP 9 / 40 Compact


Price: $70.00
USP 9 / 40 Compact Kydex Shell $25




H&K USP .45 Compact


Price: $70.00
USP .45 Compact Kydex Shell $25




H&K P30


Price: $70.00
Heckler & Koch P30 Kydex Shell $25






Price: $70.00
H&K VP9 Kydex Shell $25


4 thoughts on “Heckler & Koch Hybrids

    1. richmelton Post author

      Currently no company makes a dummy gun for the VP9. We are looking into making one ourselves and continue to look for that lucky person who will allow us to use their weapon to make one. We will keep everyone posted. Be sure to like our Facebook page, when its ready we will announce it there. Thanks!


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