1911 Hybrids

1911 4″ or 5″ Government

This is for the standard Government model. Thetrigger guard on other 1911 models (Kimber, Springfield, etc.) can be slightly larger and not fit correctly. If you have any doubts about your weapon please seek help determining which you have through your local gun store. This is a non rail platform holster.

Price: $70.00

1911 Government Kydex Shell $25



 1911 3″

 This holster works will all 3″ 1911 variants including the Springfield EMP, and Kimber Ultra Carry lines. The holster will not interfere with laser accessories mounted on the grips. This is a non rail platform holster.

 1911 3 Hybrid1911 3 Hybrid (1)







Price: $70.00

1911 Kydex Shell 3" $25



1911 Operator (has partial rails)

Based off the Springfield Armory 1911 Operator with rails. This will not work with guns that have rails all the way to the front of the gun.

Price: $70.00

1911 Operator Kydex Shell $25



Sig Sauer 1911 4″ or 5″ 


Specifically made for Sig Sauer 1911’s that have a less tapered or more squared slide edge.

Sig 1911 Hybrid (1) Sig 1911 Hybrid







Price: $70.00
1911 Kydex Shell $25


1911 4″ or 5″ (Full Rail)

For those 1911 fans who have a bit more on the front end.



Price: $70.00
1911 4" or 5" (Full Rail) Kydex Shell $25

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