Taurus Single Point Swivel

Taurus 709 / 740 Slim

Taurus 709 Slim





Price: $60.00




Taurus Millennium Pro PT140

Taurus PT140





Price: $60.00



Taurus Millennium Pro PT 745

Taurus PT145





Price: $60.00


Taurus 24/7




Price: $60.00




Taurus Poly Protector .38




Price: $60.00



Taurus TCP




Price: $60.00



Taurus  85 / 850

Taurus 85 (1) Taurus 85







Price: $60.00




Taurus Judge 2″ (Not poly version)




Price: $60.00



Taurus 617 (7 shot)






Price: $60.00



5 thoughts on “Taurus Single Point Swivel

  1. Tom Huston

    Attn: Rich
    You are working on a holster for me now. I would like to buy another holster however I want the whole trigger guard inside the holster. I have a Taurus 111/140 Millennium G2. I heard somewhere that the G2 is different than the PT 140 but I don’t know for sure. I thought you might know. At any rate the picture on this site shows only half of the trigger guard covered. I realize this request might be more trouble that its worth sooo.. advise.
    Thanks again.
    Tom Huston


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