Kimber Kydex

Kimber Solo OWB






Price: $65.00




1911 3″ OWB


This holster works will all 3″ 1911 variants including the Springfield EMP, and Kimber Ultra Carry lines. The holster will not interfere with laser accessories. This is a non rail platform holster.


Price: $65.00



1911 Operator 5″ (hasĀ  partial rails) OWB


Based off the Springfield Armory 1911 Operator with rails. This will not work with guns that have rails all the way to the front of the gun.



Price: $65.00



1911 4″ (Commander) OWB

This holster will work for the Commander series of 1911’s.




Price: $65.00



1911 5″ (Government Model) OWB




Price: $65.00

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