Cover 6 Gear

InsertAt COVER 6 GEAR we make the most versatile holster on the planet. You can wear it cross-draw, appendix, side carry or over the hip. You can tuck it between your belt and your pants and use it as an open carry holster. While wearing it in appendix carry you can use the swivel to rotate your weapon 90 degrees and sit comfortably even with a large full size handgun. If needed rotating the weapon back to draw it takes a simple easy movement and the weapon is ready again. The swivel mounted low allows you to tuck your shirt between the holster and the clip allowing for complete concealment even with large frame weapons. The holster also allows the operator to always keep the trigger guard covered. The ease of taking the holster on and off means your weapon stays in your holster! That combined with the some of the thickest leather available on a holster today means your holster will retain its shape and prevent collapsing.